Gaga at the VMAs: Scary or Stylish?

OMG Aline
September 14, 2009
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By no means do I want to disrespect Michael Jackson or his legacy, but let's be honest; the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards had nothing to do with the King of Pop and everything to do with Lady Gaga. OK, and the Kanye vs. Taylor debacle, but I don't have the energy to further chastise the classless rapper/scumbag.

Moving on ...

Yes, Madonna's eulogy was delivered with poise and heart. Yes, Janet's opening number was interesting (well, for 10 seconds ... until you realized she was lip-synching). Yes, Kanye made an ass of himself. Yes, Russell Brand made innumerable crotch jokes. Yes, Pink impressed by belting out "Sober" while performing a highwire routine. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

But, despite it's grandiose theme (honoring the late great MJ) and the Kanye dramz, the VMAs belonged to Lady Gaga. Why? Two things: her outrageous performance of "Paparazzi" and the insane ensembles she rocked throughout the night.

Some found her outfits downright frightening, while others found them incredibly fashion-forward. Either way, Gaga did exactly what she intended to do: cause an uproar and revel in it.

Whether you love her looks or love to hate them, you can't deny her determination to push the envelope and her willingness to take major risks. I happen to applaud her for this, but you can definitely disagree.

Anyway, check out her gasp-inducing getups, vote in the poll, watch her latest music video ("Paparazzi"), and make sure to leave your thoughts in the "comments" section at the bottom of the post.

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