Gabrielle Union: ‘Taking the High Road Sucks’

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Gabrielle Union found herself in a difficult position when she was dragged into the divorce battle between her boyfriend, Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade, and his estranged wife,  Siohvaughn Funches. Though the couple separated in 2007, Funches filed a lawsuit against Union in 2010, alleging that the actress had "engaged in sexual foreplay" with Wade in front of his and Funches' sons, Zaire 10, and Zion, 4, which caused the kids emotional distress. While the case was dismissed, Union's public image took a hit. Omg! caught up with the "Think Like A Man" star at the Skinnygirl Rocks the House party in NYC, where Union revealed that it wasn't easy for her to stay mum when everything was going down. "Taking the high road sucks," she admitted, but it was definitely worth it in the end to protect her hoopster honey's sons.

"The biggest lesson [I learned] is that when there are children involved who can't speak for themselves, no matter how tempted you are to just tell someone else's truth … you just have to shut your mouth and make sure that they are protected at all times — even if you sacrifice yourself," she told omg!. "People will still believe what they want."

Fortunately, the 39-year-old actress doesn't let the haters get her down, choosing to focus instead on the positive — like her recent box-office hit "Think Like a Man." "We came in and knocked 'Hunger Games' right out [of the top spot]. That was insane!" she exclaimed. "For two weeks, we were number one. I haven't had that kind of success in a long time. It felt good."

Despite its rocky start, Union also feels good about her relationship, which she says works thanks in part to the fact that she and Wade are both celebs. "We both understand the schedule and the sacrifice and the demand," she shared. "He understands my appeal and I understand his." Having him as a support system is particularly important to the California native, who divorced NFL star Chris Howard in 2006. After their split, she found herself in several relationships with men who weren't comfortable with her Hollywood career. "With [Dwyane], we don't have those issues."

As one of Wade's biggest fans, Union says she is "obsessed" with his games and loves to cheer him on. She also likes to challenge him regularly on the court to games of Horse. "Every time we play, I truly believe, this is the day I am going to win," she laughed. "It never happens … I've gotten him to H.O.R., but that is about it."

While her basketball skills probably didn't win the NBA star over, Union insists she didn't have to "Think Like a Man" to snag her sweetie. "I think when people say 'think like a man,' they really mean use common sense," she said. "Just like when they say, you're thinking like a woman, they mean you are being too emotional." Which is why she tries to keep the drama to a minimum when it comes to her relationship. "I'm reasonable, you know? I'm not a nut bag!"

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