Fergie’s New Style

OMG Aline

Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson recently unveiled a new album with the Black Eyed Peas, entitled The E.N.D., as well as a brand new look. At 34, the Dutchess has traded in her blond locks, mini kilts, knee-high socks, and tiaras for a sleek brunette 'do and futuristic fashions. "I'm kind of on this Judy Jetson vibe, but it's more like Judy Jetson after she's traveled the world and become a gypsy," laughs the pop star in Allure's July issue. "Something inside of me said, 'I need an evolution.' I'm in a new phase of life. I'm married; I have a new album. It felt time. I'm not just going to be the booty-shake girl." Hardly.

This spring, Fergie-Ferg debuted a new shoe collection, and recently finished production on the movie musical "Nine," which she had to gain 17 pounds for. Thankfully, her costar, Penelope Cruz, was also ordered to put on some curves. "We were eating our brains out," reveals the "London Bridge" singer. "We ordered everything fried and full of fat and salty!"

While pigging out was fun for awhile, it was also frustrating for the fitness freak when the media started speculating that she was pregnant. "If I don't do sit-ups, my stomach sticks out," sighs Fergie, adding that her arms are also a difficult area for her to maintain. "Legs are easy for me. That's my lucky spot."

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With the help of her hubby Josh Duhamel's trainer, Fergie's body is now more fierce and fabulous than ever. Still, the singer has a hard time taking a compliment. According to Allure's Brooke Hauser, Fergie goes out of her way to point out her flaws. "Compliment her new hair, and she'll toss it to one side to show you the extensions," writes Hauser. When questioned about her disappeared eyebrow ring, the singer replies, "I have a hole in my face -- you can see it."

But that's what you'd expect from a so-called "underdog." When asked why she spells her nickname, the Dutchess, incorrectly, Fergie has this to say: "The spelling is different because I didn't want people who didn't know how to say it to call it 'the Doucheess.' I thought, 'Let me dumb-ify it a bit.' Sometimes you smarten things up and get more clever with words. It's fun to go the other way, and it's always nice for people to not expect as much from me. I've always enjoyed being the underdog."

To read Fergie's complete interview, pick up the July issue of Allure, on newsstands June 23.