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This month Fergie debuts not just one but two collections of shoes. The first, simply called Fergie, sells at Nordstrom and features gladiator sandals and cork platforms. Its flashier sister line, Fergalicious, can be found at JCPenney and should please younger fans. With all this additional footwear, it's a good thing the newlywed recently finished renovating a two-room closet in the Brentwood, California, home she and Josh Duhamel moved into in 2007. The self-described accessory fanatic invited InStyle to check out theepicenter of her fashion world. Take a peekinside!

You already have a bag line with Kipling. Why shoes?
"I collect them. So when Brown Shoes approached me, I thought, I pick up pairs from all around the world, so I can really put my creative influence into both collections."

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What's your inspiration?
"It's important that the design reflects who I am and what I've done. I wanted to incorporate not only the things that club girls would like to wear, but also my hip-hop skater-girl side that walks around in sneakers."

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Tell us about your new closets.
"We knocked down the wall between two rooms and Josh named it Fergieland! I designed it myself, so there's a boudoir-boutique feel. The black chandelier idea came from the Dolce & Gabbana store, and the zebra-print border was for a bit of a rock and roll edge."

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Obviously you like to keep organized.
"I like things by color and by category, or else you forget what you have. This way it can be like I'm shopping every time I dress up! I'll usually start with shoes or a great necklace, and then just build the look from there."

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Where does Josh keep his stuff?
"He has acloset in the master bedroom. I also have a small one there forhoodies, jeans, and easy stuff for when Josh says, 'Babe, let's go tothe movies in 20 minutes!'"

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