Fashion Faceoff: Kim K vs. Rachelle Lefevre

OMG Aline

Those Hollywood stylistshave been messing up again, allowing their clients to recycle gowns that havealready had their inaugural run down the red carpet. I'm thinking that thereshould be a top-secret Celebrity Designer Dress Database (C.D.D.D. for those inthe know) to track all the designer duds that that have ever hit the redcarpet, with event, accessories, and arm candy as searchable categories.

Anyway, if there were such a place -- no such luck... Ichecked with the United States Patent and Trademark Office -- we wouldn't beable to have so much fun comparing which celeb wore it better, would we?!

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Reality darling KimKardashian -- who, just BTW, has recently taken to posting frequentbarely-there bikini shots of herself on Twitter as a result of her latestbreakup with Reggie Bush -- rocked her Ports 1961 dress last July inJohannesburg, South Africa when she was in town lending her support to theDiamond Empowerment Fund -- an organization with a vision to help Africans helpAfrica though education. Kim accessorized her outfit with a Gladiator-stylestudded leather belt, dark nails, and gold strappy sandals.

Canadian actress Rachelle Lefevre -- who played vampireVictoria for the first two installments of the "Twilight Saga" -- hadher very own Film Role Faceoff with Bryce Dallas Howard last year when thestudio replaced Lefevre with Ron's daughter for the third film,"Eclipse," due to scheduling difficulties. The ex-vamp kept herpretty Ports 1961 gown simple with a narrow white belt, loose curls, and nudepumps when she rocked the red carpet at the 2010 Indie Spirit Awards earlierthis month.

This is a hard one folks! Kim, as usual, looks supersexy. The studded belt flatters her voluptuous curves, and her bronzed skinsets off the taupe gown nicely. Rachelle's red tresses are gorgeous, but herpale skin tone matches her gown a little too closely for me. She should bewearing jewel-toned gowns with her coloring, so for me this time around, Ms.Kardashian takes the prize.

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