Even Celebs Wear Spanx

OMG Aline

Last night Eva Longoria Parker stepped out ... in Spanx! A shutterbug snapped the lovely "Desperate Housewife" star as she arrived at an Allure magazine party being held at Beso (her restaurant in Hollywood) and managed to catch a glimpse of Eva's "mid-thigh shaper."

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In Allure's November issue, the actress revealed that she had gained about seven pounds over the summer, but was still a size zero. "I never went up a size," she said. "I just got rounder." I don't know about you, but it kind of makes me feel good to know that even size zeros need help holding in their tummies every now and then. (Or perhaps Eva's trying to disguise a baby bump? Just kidding!)

For those on a budget, Target offers a more affordable version of the Sara Blakely-designed shapewear called Assets. While online user reviews of the Spanx spin-off aren't stellar, the products might be worth it if they save you a few bucks.

At any rate, with all of the holiday parties coming up -- which means cute cocktail dresses and lots of good eating -- a pair of Spanx might come in handy!