Demi Lovato is back to brunette – and looks just like she did during her ‘Camp Rock’ days

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Demi Lovato has returned to her "Camp Rock" roots!

When "The X Factor" judge took the stage Wednesday for the first live show of the season, she debuted a brand new brunette hairdo. The 20-year-old, who had previously been blond, showed off new chocolate brown locks, which were styled straight. The look reminded us of old school Lovato — back when she was Mitchie Torres in "Camp Rock."

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When we interviewed Lovato earlier this month, her "Camp Rock" look was on her mind. While she had been blond since spring, she recently added bangs and was loving them. "I just feel like myself again," she said, then started reminiscing about her Disney days. "[My hairstyle] reminds me of being 15 again — when I was doing 'Camp Rock.' I don't know how long I'll keep [bangs], but for the meantime it just makes me feel like myself."

Lovato has been a hair chameleon this year and talked us through all of the hairstyles she's sported — from the dip-dye look (she's tried pink, blue, and green) to a do-it-herself color job. (Yes, the TV star put on rubber gloves and colored her own hair.) So why has she been changing her look so much lately? "When I was younger, I never experimented with hairstyles," she told omg!. "Now I'm finally getting confident to experiment … and just trying new things."

Well, this new thing reminds us of an old thing — the "Camp Rock" era — and we love it. Wonder what the Jonas Brothers think!

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