Charlize Theron Finally Reveals Dark Buzz Cut

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Hollywood A-lister Charlize Theron made headlines back in June when she shaved off her long blond tresses in favor of a buzz cut for her role in the upcoming sequel, "Mad Max: Fury Road." But fans haven't gotten a good look at her dramatic 'do up until now, since she hasn't been spotted in public all that much, probably because she spent the summer shooting the film in the African country of Namibia. And the few times she has been seen out and about, her shorn locks have been hidden under hats.

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Over the weekend, however, Theron, currently one of Hollywood's best-known blond bombshells, proudly debuted her new look, which isn't just super short, but also surprisingly dark. It appears that the color is the 37-year-old's natural hue … and that it's going to be quite a while before she can return to her old style. But if anyone can pull off the buzz cut, it's the 5'10" former model.

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Despite the hair change, the "Young Adult" actress was quickly spotted by photographers and onlookers in her native country of South Africa, where she posed for pics with fans in one of the nation's most populated cities, Cape Town, and sat down to lunch at an outdoor café with her mom, Gerta. Theron's son, Jackson, whom she adopted in March, sat out the champagne-filled meal.

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Though the Golden Globe winner may be comfortable going public with a nearly-nude head, she's a bit more modest when it comes to real nudity on screen. "I am very good with side nudity. I tend to find that's probably my best kind of nudity," Theron told MTV News in May. "Back is a little too much back; I need an angle. I like angular nudity. I can do a small percentage of one side and the other."

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