Celebs Go Vintage

OMG Aline

I tend to shy away from vintage shops. While I adore retro fashions, I must admit that the musty smells associated with buying second-hand clothing kind of turn me off. In 2003, Summer Phoenix (wife of Casey Affleck and sister of River and Joaquin), Odessa Whitmire (Ben Affleck's former assistant and Matt Damon's ex-girlfriend), and Ruby Canner opened a different kind of boutique in NYC specializing in "repurposed vintage" clothing called Some Odd Rubies.

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At the opening for their new Los Angeles store last night, Phoenix told Fashion Week Daily that she and her friends "always went hunting in thrift stores, pinning and cutting our finds, and we always said we'd do a line of clothing." And that's exactly what they did. The trio takes vintage pieces, which they deconstruct and rework to fit current styles and different body types. "Every piece is one of a kind, so you won't see anybody else in your dress," adds Odessa. "And we'll take your old things and refurbish them for you, too."

The launch party turned out to be quite a star-studded affair. In addition to the celebrity family members that were in attendance -- Summer's in-laws Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner -- guests included Liv Tyler, Jenna Elfman, Eva Mendes, and Patricia Arquette to name a few. And although Ben doesn't get out much lately, he wanted to support his sister-in-law in her latest endeavor. "What these girls do is really recycling, and we should all support that," said the actor.

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If you're in NYC, you can visit Some Odd Rubies at 151 Ludlow Street. For those of you who reside out West, check out their new LA store at 9024 W. 3rd St. And if you don't live anywhere near either location, look for Some Odd Rubies to launch an online shop soon!