Celebs Who’ve Gotten Better With Age

OMG Aline

Remember when Angelina Jolie looked like a walking corpse every time she hit the red carpet back in her "Gia" and "Girl, Interrupted" days? What about when Renee Zellweger burst onto the scene (and onto numerous Worst Dressed lists) in 1996, following her breakout role in "Jerry Maguire"? Then there's Jennifer Aniston, who used to rock The Rachel haircut and a rounder face when "Friends" debuted 15 years ago.

What do all of these Hollywood hotties have in common? Without a doubt, they've all gotten better with age! But, by no means are they old. Angelina is barely 34, and Renee and Jen just hit 40. They have, however, been in the spotlight for quite some time, and anyone who keeps up with celebrity news can notice the positive transformations they've made over the years.

And, according to Heidi Klum (another one of the wonderful women who's featured in this episode of "The Thread"), a lot of these evolutions simply have to do with growing up and becoming comfortable in your own skin. We couldn't have said it better!

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