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Tattoos have become as American as Snuggies, Obamamania, and Octomoms. They're the must-have accessory for the celebrity who has everything -- or wants a secret in the midst of a very public life. When Brad Pitt went on "Oprah" late last year, some crazed fan put Mr. Angelina Jolie on the spot, wanting to know every last detail of his many tattoos. Brad wasn't giving up anything.

The other half of Brangelina has more ink than we have room to explain.She does, however, get the prize for "best do-over," when she had her"Billy Bob" tat (a reference to ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton) removedand replaced with the latitude and longitude of each of her children'sbirthplaces. 

Here are some more stories behind some of our favorite tattoos. Maybe you'll be inspired before you go for that full sleeve!

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Brad Pitt
As mentioned above, Brad has more than a few tattoos he'd like to keep private. His wife revealed the meaning behind one of them. Sort of. Angelina told "Entertainment Weekly" last year that after she scribbled on Brad's back, he decided to have her handiwork inked permanently. Perhaps that explains the French text under the Iceman tat on his left forearm. Translation: "Life is absurd."

Beyonce Knowles
Mrs. Jay-Z and her hubby have matching ring tattoos.The Roman numeral "IV" sits  under the "Irreplaceable" singer's big rock. What does it mean? Itcould be that both Beyonce and Jay-Z were both born on the fourth day of a month (9.4.81and 12.4.69). Perhaps it's because they married on April 4. Or maybeit's how many years the Hollywood power couple think their marriage will last. 

Johnny Depp
The actor's right armfamously proclaimed "Winona Forever" in the midst of a not-so-forever'90s romance with Winona Ryder. It now reads "Wino Forever."He also seriously mixes work and body art. Depp has the word "Jack"(also the name of his son) and a sparrow on his left forearm, a nod tohis famous role in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy. So where's the "21 Jump Street" ink?

Britney Spears
Britney Spears' ink is definitely morerestrained than her behavior. The pop star has a collection of small symbols onvarious body parts. The tattoos we find most fascinating are the three Kabbalahsymbols on the back of her neckthat supposedly translate into the word "healing." Guess it's a good thing shecan't see them: Brit supposedly dropped the religion despite Madonna'sprotests. 

John Mayer
The only thing JohnMayer does more than Twitter is get tattoos. The "Waiting On The WorldTo Change" singer has slowly transformed himself into a full-sleeved21st-century ink man. Among his various symbols and illustrations arethe initials "SRV" for his guitar hero, the late Stevie Ray Vaughan. Bythe way, Mayer's ex, Jennifer Aniston, stopped after getting a smallheart on her belly.

Tommy Lee
The Motley Crue drummer is the closest thing to an Illustrated Manon this list. Although there's virtually no part of Tommy Lee's body leftuncovered, he's made a few missteps along the way, including a 1998 swastika thathe subsequently had removed. The bad boy rocker's also putting histattoos to work: Tommy' clothing line, TL for PL, features designsinspired by his bodyart.

Billie Joe Armstrong
Green Day's lead singer is another one with too many tats to mention. But we dig Billie Joe Armstrong's commitment to family. His wife of 14 years, Adrienne, and his kids, Jakob and Joseph, all figure prominently on his arms. Our favorite tattoo is the one on his right forearm: an old-school photo-booth filmstrip depiction of his better half.

Rihanna's tattoos are a study in contradictions. The 21-year-old Barbadian beauty has the words "Shhh..." and "love" inked on her fingers and a small handgun on her left ribcage. We see the Chris Brown relationship in a different light.

Drew Barrymore
Famously wild as a child, Drew Barrymore got most of her six tattoos before she turned 14, the lone exception being a Celtic cross on her ankle (she's of Irish descent). Another cross on her lower back contains her mother's name, Jaid.

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