Celeb-Inspired Tips to Flatter Your Figure

OMG Aline

I long for a day when the world stops telling me I'm fat just because I am a woman. Apparently, you must weigh under 100 pounds in order to not have the press criticize your figure! Case in point: Jessica Simpson's recent performance where she wore an unfortunate pair of high-waisted jeans. Sure, she's not as tiny as she was when she was Daisy Duke, but I bet Tony Romo is happy about that. Don't men supposedly like women with a little meat on their bones?

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Since we do not yet live in the world that I dream of, I suppose we could all use a few tips that would help us avoid an awkward moment like the one I witnessed at the grocery store not long ago when the cashier asked the lady in front of me when she was due. The woman informed us all that she was not pregnant. Oops!

If you're looking to avoid a baby-bump moment like that one, or the public flaying Jessica Simpson received for looking like she weighs more than 100 pounds, check out the latest episode of "The Thread," which is full of tips on how to dress to flatter your shape and what figure fashion faux pas to avoid.