Camila Alves Unveils MUXO Handbag Collection

OMG Aline
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Camila Alves premiered her new MUXO handbag collection last night at the Kitson Studio courtyard in Los Angeles. The new mom looked fabulous as she walked the red carpet in a white mini. Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for her boyfriend Matthew McConaughey, who was a sweaty mess. I'll cut him some slack since he was lugging their baby boy Levi along with him. But let's get back to the bags, shall we?

The MUXO leather luxury line includes travel bags, handbags, and clutches, which incorporate unique elements such as stitching, fringe, external pockets, and patinas. "I only design pieces that I would wear myself," notes the Brazilian model. "If I feel anything is less than glamorous, I won't put it in the collection."

I don't know that I'd call the purses glamorous. Some of the bags have a rugged look, which I can dig, while others have an arts and crafts project quality about them. They're also quite pricey. The clutches start at $450 a pop, ranging up to $1,400 for a weekender. Of course, each one is handmade by Camila and her mom, Multo Abrigado, who has a background in fashion design.

"It takes us 5 to 9 hours to make each handbag," reveals Camila on the MUXO website. "No machines, no assembly line ... so every one is not only original, there's really no two alike." Hmmm ... I wonder if Matthew ever pitches in?

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