Cameron Diaz’s Drive Through the Desert

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Cameron Diaz is the ultimate California girl. She always seems so happy and sunny that it's hard to imagine her ever having a dark day. In Vogue's June issue, the actress' effervescent personality comes through loud and clear as she takes a road trip through the desert with Vogue's Robert Sullivan. Diaz discusses everything from aging in Hollywood to her father's unexpected death at the age of 58, which occurred while she was filming her new movie, "My Sister's Keeper."

"I think, emotionally ... it definitely took its toll," Cameron says of her dad's passing. "It's the human experience. You know, that's what the heart does. Things are given to us, and things are taken away. And I think the heart becomes stronger, more capable."

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One person who currently has a big piece of Cameron's heart is her model boyfriend, Paul Sculfor. While the British tabloids have reported that the couple is shopping for a country house in England, Diaz keeps mum about their relationship during her interview, preferring to proclaim her love for NYC, which she spent a lot of time in while filming "What Happens in Vegas."

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"New York is the best city in the world, no doubt about it," she proclaims. "I'm having a major love affair with it right now." So much so that she recently bought a place in Manhattan and now splits her time between New York and Los Angeles. Fortunately, she's come up with a way to make her wardrobe work in both locales. "The underlayer would be what you would wear in LA without the overlayer," she explains. "But the shoes are always so important in New York, aren't they? I mean, it's just important to be wearing comfortable shoes in New York because all you do is walk."

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Although both NYC and LA are often about labels -- designer or otherwise -- Cameron's not crazy about classifications. "People who put labels on themselves limit themselves," she notes. "If you are a woman who's been labeled as a sex symbol, for instance -- I mean, I am not saying that's the label people would apply to me. But if you see yourself that way, inevitably you get to a point where you are no longer a sex symbol. And if you can't move past that, you're putting a limit on yourself; you're arresting your development. And that's where I think a lot of women get in trouble. I mean, I'm not 25 years old anymore, nor do I want to be. I wouldn't even want to go back to being 30.  That journey -- I've done it already. I don't want to do it again."

Click here to read Cameron's full interview with Vogue, or pick up the June issue, on newsstands May 26.