Britney Takes Broadway by Storm

OMG Aline

Britney has been quite the busy bee ever since her reemergence at the 2008 MTV Video Music. In addition to winning three awards that night, the pop princess has announced her plans for a world tour in early '09, debuted her new single "Womanizer" ... and cleaned up her act? Apparently so.

After meeting with some of her business partners in NYC and getting her shop on at Montmarte (a fashion-forward store with five locations throughout Manhattan), Brit hit up the Great White Way for a performance of "In The Heights" at the Richard Rogers Theatre. In shimmering chandelier earrings, a simple yet chic belted black cocktail dress, and cute heeled booties, Britney took Broadway by storm. Fans flocked and flashbulbs popped as the once-troubled tart emerged from the venue with a grin on her grill. Hopefully this comeback is for real because I enjoy seeing Ms. Spears smilin', stylin', and sashayin' through the streets!