Britney’s Hair Affair

OMG Aline

Pop star Britney Spears debuted a shorter hairstyle today, though we're not sure it's an improvement on her old busted weave. The long bob with messy flips gives the pop star a disgruntled suburban housewife vibe that's not helped by her horrendous spider web poncho.

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Spears has been battling a bad case of weave-itis for years now. Most celebs who sport extensions and/or weaves tend to keep them well hidden under the real stuff -- all part of maintaining their glossy perfect public image. Ms. Spears, however, either doesn't realize or simply doesn't care if the world sees her raggedy weave clumps.

Famously shaving all her hair off in full view of the paparazzi during the height of her crazy in February 2007, the pop star has been struggling to grow it back ever since. After a brief stint of tresses au natural, Spears reverted to a weave as soon as her locks were long enough, and the results have been varied. She looks polished on stage, but scraggly on the street. After years of abuse, we wonder just how much of the real stuff she actually has left.

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