Britney’s Gotta Brand New Bag!

OMG Aline

Just hours before appearing onstage with Madonna in LA last Thursday night, Britney Spears was spotted at her orthopedist's office in Beverly Hills. As usual, the paparazzi were waiting for the pop tart, but all she had to shield herself from the photogs was a new handbag.

Of course, Brit's red diamond leather "Delilah" bag didn't cost her a dime. She received it as part of Backstage Creation's Autumn "It" Girl Collection, which honored hot female celebs such as Lauren Conrad, Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift, and more.

Unfortunately, if you're looking to emulate Spears' style, the bag will cost you a cool $695. That's a little pricey for moi, but you can find it at, or get it on sale right now at for $486.50.