Brad Goreski’s Still Stylin’

OMG Aline

Fans of "The Rachel Zoe Project" may have been disappointed to learn that Zoe's bow-tie-clad assistant, Brad Goreski, was parting ways with his mentor last September, but it was something Zoe's former assistant had to do.

"I love Rachel and she's taught me everything I know," Goreski, 33, told People. "But there's a point where either I do it now or I'll never know what it's like to spread my wings and soar."

Fortunately, Brad's had no problem breaking out on his own. He's racked up his own list of clients, and recently landed a gig as a style consultant for the Kate Spade fall 2011 presentation during New York Fashion Week this month. "The clothes are very playful and energetic with a modern feel, which is very much in tune with my own style," he said. "I'm very excited for this opportunity!"

omg! caught up with Brad while he was getting ready to dress an unknown star for a press tour. Check out his interview below:

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