Blake Lively talks about her dream wedding — and history of hungry boyfriends

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With news that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds recently bought a $2.3 million home in a suburb of New York City that they are renovating together, things sound pretty serious between the "Green Lantern" co-stars. So when then the actress, who will soon be seen in the film "Savages," recently sat down with Marie Claire's Nina Garcia for a chit-chat about fashion, the topic of Blake's dream wedding came up.

"Every girl has her dream," the 24-year-old "Gossip Girl" star admits. "But what I planned before I got into the business has changed. It used to be that my mom or I would make my dress. Now I'm like, 'Hmm, I wonder what shoes Christian [Louboutin] is going to make me. And which couture house should I go to?'"

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While most celebrities employ personal stylists to put together their looks for endless red carpet appearances, Lively does it all on her own. She selects the outfit, jewelry, and shoes that she wants to wear, then has her personal assistant contact the fashion houses to obtain all the items, she tells the mag. Lively also often does her own hair and makeup for red carpet events.

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"Sometimes I think, God, why do I do this to myself? It's so much extra work!" she tells Marie Claire. So why does she do it then? "Because I love fashion. It's such an expression of self. I often see people and they look great, but I can identify who styled them. Every stylist has a signature. Maybe it sounds jerky, but I'm lucky to be on such a fashion-centric show ['Gossip Girl']. There's no designer I don't have access to."

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A man with a great sense of style is equally important to Lively, who, in addition to Reynolds, has been in relationships with Leonardo DiCaprio and her "Gossip Girl" co-star Penn Badgley. "It's definitely attractive when a man can dress well," she says. "What I love most is when someone, guy or girl, is effortless and has this old-timey sort of feel — you could take a snapshot of them and they could exist in any time period."

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Lively notes that the common thread in all her relationships is that all of the guys she's dated have really enjoyed food. "They all like to eat!" she laughs. "To be around me, you must love food or I'm the most obnoxious person you've ever met. I'm in a big cooking phase. That's all I talk about." And he better be interesting! "I recently shared how many boyfriends I've had [four], and people were like, 'That's impossible!' But it's true. I've been with very few people. If I'm not with somebody who really excites or inspires me, then I'd rather be by myself."

Read Lively's full interview in the July issue of Marie Claire, on newsstands June 19.

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