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Although Kristin Davis, Kristen Bell, and Malin Akerman work in an industry that is obsessed with looks and fears aging, they've managed to keep a healthy attitude -- and sense of humor -- about the situation. In Self magazine's October issue, the three "Couples Retreat" co-stars reveal their tips to staying beautiful from the inside out. Check a few of them below:

Behind the Scenes With the "Couples Retreat" Stars


Coming Into Her Own
"In my 20s, I was so miserable that I looked it. My weight was all over the place. At 30, I was, like, 'I made it!' Then my career took off, and I discovered you can be on a show where the women aren't 20 and aren't hiding that fact. I felt better, so I looked better. I became more present in my own body."

Pride and Joy
"I try to remember that there's this whole world out there. When I was in Mozambique as an Oxfam ambassador, I helped women expand a chicken business. They were living on less than a dollar a month. They had nothing. But their joy in accomplishing this and their pride in who they were was unbelievable."

Au Naturale
"My mother was a great example of beauty because she was true to herself. She never wore makeup. She was wearing Birkenstocks before they were in. It was good to grow up with a woman so confident she didn't need to put on lipstick."

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Just Say No
"I resolved not to buy tabloids ever again. That's not to say I don't flip through them at the grocery counter. I recently saw a picture of myself in a bikini in one, and they circled some bumps on my bottom and said, 'We didn't see any cellulite when Kristen was filming "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."' I looked at the picture, and I laughed so hard! I thought, 'I look good -- really fit.' Who cares if there are lumps on my thighs? I'm guilty of having human legs made up of fat, muscle, and skin, and sometimes when you sit, they get bumpy! If I had not been a normal weight, they would've said, 'Oh, she's way too skinny.'"

Mirror, Mirror
"There is no exterior cure for looking in the mirror and not liking what you see there. It all has to do with how you're feeling on the inside. If you fix that first, I firmly believe you'll start to love every lip gloss in your makeup drawer and every pair of jeans you already have."

Don't Worry, Be Happy
"Comparisons will kill you. That goes for everything. The minute you find out at work that someone makes more money than you, you start to think, 'I'm doing just as good a job. Why am I not getting that?' Or if someone has a better car than you or a better shirt or anything, it will kill you. You really have to look at what you have and be happy with it."    

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Imperfect Beauty
"I'm a huge fan of flaws. I love people who have a crooked smile. Cool and different noses always attract me. My feet are so wide, I have to get special shoes. And I have thin hair with cowlicks in the front that go all sorts of ways. And I have a boyish body. Quirkiness gives people character and charisma. I don't think it's beautiful when everyone starts looking like a Barbie doll. I'm a lover of natural individuality."

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All You Need Is Love
"Give a person a compliment. If you see a beautiful woman, tell her! Say, 'You look beautiful tonight!' It's incredible coming from another woman. Then you feel good because you've made someone else feel good. I don't know why there's this competition among women. Why tear each other down when we can be supporting each other and wanting each and every one of us to be our best? I wish women could just cut it out and feel like we have each other's back instead. It would be such an amazing world."

Walk It Out
"I feel really good when I'm in nature. We live by a huge canyon in LA, so I usually go for a long walk with my Walkman. My Walkman? Oh, my God, I'm giving away my age! But to listen to great music, grab a fresh-squeezed juice, and do some stretching? All that stuff feels good, and you exude beauty when you feel great on the inside."

For the full interview, pick up the October issue of Self, on newsstands now.

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