Anne Hathaway vs. Rooney Mara — Fashion Faceoff

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Both Anne Hathaway of "The Dark Knight Rises" and Rooney Mara of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" are used to being the only motorcycle-riding, butt-kicking woman on the scene. Today, however, they'll have to fight for the title of leading lady! The actresses who play Catwoman and Lisbeth Salander, respectively, both donned the same Givenchy Spring 2012 dress featuring a peplum less than six months apart. So which one of them will be the heroine of this story? It's time to determine ... who wore it best?

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Hathaway, 29, prowled around in a black version of the ruffled frock when "Dark Knight" director Christopher Nolan immortalized his hand and footprints in the sidewalk at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood on July 7. The "Devil Wears Prada" star also sported black ankle-strap pumps and a super-cropped hairstyle, which she cut for her role in the upcoming movie version of "Les Miserables." Although the 'do is quite a change from Hathaway's signature long locks, she revealed to New York Magazine's Vulture blog that she doesn't consider the cut a sacrifice. "I did it for a film, so it really wasn't about me and my security," she said. "I'm just so pleased with how I look, so I now quite like having short hair."

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Mara, 27, wore the dress in white while she promoted the first of the "Dragon" films in Tokyo on January 30. She styled it with white ankle-strap heels and slicked back hair. (While Mara has more hair than Hathaway, she's said that she shaved parts of her head for her starring role in the blockbuster action/crime flick based on the late Stieg Larsson's books. She also had several piercings on her face and body — ouch!)

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But the champion of this style showdown is not the woman who suffered the most for her character, but the one who looked best as herself. And after careful consideration, one of them clearly edges out the other. For me, the winner is Mara, because of the lovely way the shades of her dress and hair color contrast; Hathaway's entire look is less special, less dramatic. And when it comes to fashion, isn't drama supposed to be everything?

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