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The 1930s had style as well as breadlines. For the August issue of Vanity Fair, photographers Michael Roberts, Norman Jean Roy, Mark Seliger, and Art Streiber teamed up with Josh Duhamel, Mila Kunis, Emile Hirsch, and other rising stars to reenact classic Depression-era films. Just for fun, added original stills from the movies.

Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried recreated "My Man Godfrey" at theOrpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. If you've never seen the film,a scavenger hunt—cum—party game in this 1936 classic somehow involvesCarole Lombard's madcap heiress wandering into the Depression-erastreets, picking up hobo William Powell, and turning him into herexquisitely attired butler. Not, one feels, something to be attemptedtoday. Here, as Powell, Tatum (in Armani) serves up serious tidbits asSeyfried's Lombard (in Galliano) finds it all highly amusing.

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