• Top Five: Lessons I Learned Studying Abroad

    Being in a country where I didn’t speak the language felt like a pop quiz everyday but everyday living experiences in foreign countries were the best teachers I could ever have. I was educated on global perspectives and the challenges of being a foreigner taught me so much about myself. The lessons that I learned while abroad are more valuable and will last longer than any souvenir I could have brought home.

  • STEM Careers Are Combatting a Lack of Diversity Problem

    Black women make up only a small minority of students across STEM disciplines. A 2021 report by Pew Research Center shows that “The gender dynamics in STEM degree attainment mirror many of those seen across STEM job clusters.” The disparities of those who identify as Black and woman in comparison to others working in STEM are vast and have a connection to attaining long-term career goals.

  • Interviewing: How to Nail Your First Post-Grad Opportunity

    You've just landed your first interview after graduation, now you need to concentrate on what that resume looks like. Reviewing your resume and digital portfolio is always advisable when applying for a position. Your resume should contain your experience, skills, achievements, course projects, internships, and certifications. Adding a cover letter will enhance your application by emphasizing your qualifications for the role.

  • Top Five: Jobs in Activism

    Five jobs that may interest someone who is passionate about a career in activism.

  • Trends to Watch in DEI

    Diversity and Inclusion trends have become a hot subject of conversation in workplaces all across the world. These trends affect culture from the CEO all the way to a new employee straight out of college.

  • Without a woman, WiFi might not exist

    Everyone knows Snow White, the fair-toned beauty with rosy red cheeks whose 7 dwarf friends aided her in her love story with her Prince. Did you know it’s speculated the character was inspired by Hedy Lamarr known as“the most beautiful woman in the world.” A lesser known fact about Lamarr she reportedly helped create the first prototype for WiFi in 1942. This contribution to the STEM community allows 4.9 billion people worldwide to be connected to each other daily. From the start of her life to after her passing, Lamarr’s work is extremely important in the way society functions today.