• Designer Chelsy Christina talks sustainable living, buying secondhand and leaning into your true passions

    "While I loved [interior design], it really opened my eyes to the amount of waste that's created in the industry."

  • Asian/Pacific Americans In STEM Lack Representation at the Leadership Level

    Built By Girls spoke with Janet Kim, Senior Director of Product at Misfits Market, an organic produce delivery service fighting food waste for the video series How I Started in STEM to get her personal insights on the lack of leadership roles for the APA community in STEM.

  • Ford Mustang’s Chief Engineer Says Get Involved In STEM

    Ford recently launched its 2024 Mustang, normally you think of men behind the wheel of this sports car, but the muscle behind this machine is Laurie Transou. Transou is currently the Chief Engineer of the Ford Mustang program.

  • Disney Head Says AI Presents “Interesting Opportunities”

    “AI developments represent some pretty interesting opportunities for us,” Bob Iger said on the Disney ($DIS) earnings call. “In fact, we’re already starting to use AI to create some efficiencies and ultimately to better serve consumers.”

  • Top Five: Build Your Own Personal Board of Directors

    Networking is an integral part of career growth, but how you create a core group of people you can depend on in your professional life can impact you for a long time. Think of it as your own personal board of directors of your company, You Inc.

  • Google Designer Says Gender Disparity is An Issue In Tech Field

    It’s well known that STEM continues to be a male-dominated field. Even before women enter jobs in STEM or tech, they face challenges in higher education. Women make up only one-fourth of tech graduates and are underrepresented in STEM courses. After entering the workforce, women continue to be underestimated, making an average of 74% of what male counterparts make. However, there are further disparities within the field. Black and Hispanic women experience the largest pay gap in STEM jobs.

  • Teacher Appreciation Week: STEM Teachers Rule

    It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re sure you have a teacher in your world that you still either speak to or was one who sparked your love and interest in STEM/STEAM! According to research by Zippia, there are more than 1.2 million science teachers in the U.S. and of that 57.9% are women and 12% of all science teachers are LGBTQIA+.

  • STEM Careers Booming in the U.S.

    STEM occupations are proving to be lucrative for those willing to step into the tech sector. On average, salaries are double than those in non-STEM related careers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics are expected to grow by more than 10% over the next decade.

  • Paulina Ho redesigns Yahoo logo for AAPI Heritage Month

    Paulina Ho redesigns Yahoo logo for AAPI Heritage Month

  • Women in Tech are outnumbered by men 4-1 in the workplace

    Skillsoft CIO Orla Daly talks with Built By Girls to discuss the statistics coming out of the 2023 Women in Tech Report which found that 45% of females surveyed say they are outnumbered by a staggering 4-to-1 ratio or more – a drastic jump from just 25% who said the same in 2021.

  • Handling that College Rejection Letter

    Built By Girls with some insight and advice on how to handle receiving a college rejection letter.

  • Judy Blume clarifies J.K. Rowling remarks: ‘I wholly support the trans community’

    Judy Blume is responding to Sunday Times headline stating she is “100 percent” behind fellow author J.K. Rowling, seeking to emphasize that she stands “with the trans community” against discrimination. In an interview with the British newspaper, Blume said of Rowling, “I love her. I am behind her 100 percent as I watch from afar.” According to…

  • Remote Interviews Do’s and Don’ts

    With remote interviews becoming part of the workplace culture, candidates have a variety of choices in job opportunities. However, although remote interviews offer plenty of benefits, it's important to remember they are more intimate and require greater attention. Below are things to avoid and essential things to know when interviewing remotely.

  • Top Five: Ways to Work Full-Time During College

    You may be surprised to know that not only do most students work throughout college, but about 40% of 4-year college students spend more than half their time in school working at least 20 hours each week. Therefore, if you’re a college student who works full-time, you’re not alone. In reality, many students work full-time during college, whether to pay bills, pay for their education, or gain access to the professional opportunities that come with working full-time.

  • Acck! I Need to Switch My Major

    BBG has some helpful tips on what to do if you realize you may need to change your college major.

  • Top Five: College Essay Tips

    Built by Girls interviewed John Hacker, a 27 year English teacher who also taught a class on college essays to help give students insight into how to prepare.

  • UN commission calls for closing the gender digital divide

    The U.N.’s premiere global body fighting for gender equality on Saturday called for wide-ranging efforts to close the gap between men and women in today’s technology-driven world and urged zero tolerance for gender-based violence and harassment online. In a document approved by consensus after all-night negotiations at the end of a two-week meeting, the Commission on the Status of Women expressed grave concern at the interrelation between offline and online violence, harassment and discrimination against women and girls — and it condemned the increase in these acts. It called for a significant increase in investments by the public and private sector to bridge the gender digital divide.

  • It's Transgender Day of Visibility

    Transgender Day of Visibility is recognized on March 31st every year, as a day of celebration and awareness for the transgender community. “I love that Transgender Day of Visibility is such a broad phrase because it can be celebrated in so many different ways,” says Cielo Sunsarae. Sunsarae is the founder of The Queer Trans Project, an organization led by Black and transgender leaders. The group provides gender-a

  • Top Five: Educational Getaways

    Built By Girls list of the Top Five Educational Getaways for this vacation season.