• What's the pink tax and how much does it cost women?

    The extra charge on women's products can significantly impact how much women ultimately pay for products marketed toward them

  • Latinx Women Pioneering the Future of Aerospace Engineering

    September 15 marks the start of Hispanic Heritage Month- and what a better time to celebrate Latinx women in STEM! Latinx women are one of the most underrepresented identities in STEM fields, making up only 3% of STEM fields. While Hispanic scientists, engineers, and mathematicians are underrepresented in general, Hispanic women are 28% less likely to get Bachelor’s degrees in STEM fields than male counterparts.

  • Companies that rushed to create DEI initiatives in 2020 are likelier to backtrack on their commitments

    When companies rush to create diversity commitments, those efforts are typically not long-lasting.

  • Coco Gauff ‘can’t really get upset’ at climate protesters who caused 45-minute delay in her US Open semifinal

    Coco Gauff said she couldn’t “really get upset” with the climate protestors who caused a 45-minute delay in the middle of her US Open semifinal against Karolína Muchová on Thursday.

  • How I Started in STEM with Envoy Director of Product Amy Yin

    Amy Yin is the Director of Product at Envoy and she spoke with Built By Girls for the video series How I Started in STEM to inspire the next generation to pursue careers in STEM.

  • Study Abroad: A Journey of Growth and Global Citizenship

    In September of 2022 I, like hundreds of thousands of other U.S. students, packed my bags and embarked on a study abroad year. Roughly 63% of college students expressed interest in study abroad in 2017, but only about 14.3% ended up actually going abroad. Things happen, life happens, and the idea of living in another country can seem daunting, but that shouldn't stop you from exploring, learning, and growing. Studying abroad is an invaluable experience that allows for more cultural sensitivity, less bias, mutual understanding, and more global awareness in all forms – whether it be new perspectives on historical and current events or simply a new hobby.

  • 'Pretty little problem solvers:' The best back to school gadgets and gear

    I call these my “pretty little problem solver” gadgets and gear − with a fix for a modern family’s daily dilemmas, large and small. Let’s dive in.

  • Inspiring Diversity in Actuarial Science for Women & Non-Binary Individuals in STEM

    The actuarial field, a domain within STEM, continues to be predominantly male-dominated with a persistent gender wage gap and lacking in diversity. However, amidst these challenges, a trailblazing woman has emerged, leaving a lasting impact in the actuarial sector and empowering diverse voices while mentoring aspiring individuals.

  • 'Mulan': Disney marks 25 years since release of animated classic

    Disney's timeless animated movie classic “Mulan" celebrated its 25th anniversary this month. The voice of Mulan: Ming-na Wen, 59, did not miss the chance to greet the animated classic a happy 25th anniversary on Twitter by re-sharing Disney's tweet of one of her quotes from several years ago. While celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Mulan” in 2018, Wen, who was inducted into Disney Legends in 2019, reflected how she was ecstatic to have played a character who has had a long-lasting effect on girls, boys and adults even to this day.

  • Transgender high school student speaks out on restricting trans kids in sports

    Rebekah Bruesehoff, a high school sophomore in New Jersey, is a straight-A student who loves reading, writing, musical theater and field hockey. "I think there's a really big disconnect between what we're hearing from legislators, and what we see in real life," said Bruesehoff's mother, Jamie Bruesehoff. "I think that all transgender kids play sports for the same reasons all kids play sports: to do something they love, to have fun with their friends, and to be a part of a team."

  • Top Five: Podcasts for Women in STEM

    Listening to podcasts offers an easy way to consume information and entertainment, download it and go, or just press play! This medium offers women a sense of representation and connection for women.

  • Disney’s 'The Little Mermaid' Makes a Splash with STEM Twist

    Disney’s 'The Little Mermaid' splashed on the screens and true to the original story, Ariel loves STEM. In fact, the whole story starts with her obsession for human artifacts and the human world - what does that make her?! She’s an archaeologist and anthropologist.

  • Top Five: Build Your Own Personal Board of Directors

    Networking is an integral part of career growth, but how you create a core group of people you can depend on in your professional life can impact you for a long time. Think of it as your own personal board of directors of your company, You Inc.

  • YouTube restores Lofi Girl account after false copyright claims

    The account featured continuous loops of calm music for studying or relaxing.

  • Snapchat will start matching you with live concerts

    Snapchat will start matching you with live concerts in your area.

  • Top Five: Lessons I Learned Studying Abroad

    Being in a country where I didn’t speak the language felt like a pop quiz everyday but everyday living experiences in foreign countries were the best teachers I could ever have. I was educated on global perspectives and the challenges of being a foreigner taught me so much about myself. The lessons that I learned while abroad are more valuable and will last longer than any souvenir I could have brought home.

  • Top Five: Negotiating Salary

    Are you one of those many people who are trying to find a better job in 2023? If you are lucky enough to be one of those people to score an interview or better yet an offer in the first month of the new year, here are a few things to think about when negotiating.

  • Top Five: Organizations to Join for STEAM Careers

    Five organizations to join if you're interested in STEAM careers.

  • Top Five: Ways to Spark Change

    Built By Girls with some insight on the Top Five Ways to Spark Change

  • Teacher Appreciation Week: STEM Teachers Rule

    It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re sure you have a teacher in your world that you still either speak to or was one who sparked your love and interest in STEM/STEAM! According to research by Zippia, there are more than 1.2 million science teachers in the U.S. and of that 57.9% are women and 12% of all science teachers are LGBTQIA+.