• Bear breaks through house window, attacking couple. They struck back with kitchen knife, gun

    A Wisconsin couple said a black bear jumped through a window into the home, forcing them to stab and shoot the animal to death in self defense.

  • Are police consent decrees an asset? Depends on who you ask

    The Minneapolis Police Department will face the intense scrutiny of a federal program after a state investigation spurred by the killing of George Floyd concluded that the city's officers stop and arrest Black people more than white people, use force more often on people of color and maintain a culture in which racist language is tolerated. The court enforced plan, known as a consent decree, has been credited with bringing significant reform in some places but scorned by critics elsewhere as ineffective and a waste of taxpayer money. The 1994 crime bill gave the Department of Justice the ability to investigate police agencies for patterns or practices of unconstitutional policing, and to require agencies to meet specific goals before federal oversight can be removed.

  • Anderson's HR hushes Yankees, lifts Chisox to twinbill sweep

    Tim Anderson said everything he had to say with one swing of the bat — and a commanding trot around the bases. “What a day,” White Sox manager Tony La Russa said. A day after Anderson, who is Black, accused Yankees slugger Josh Donaldson, who is white, of making a racist remark by calling him Jackie Robinson, the All-Star shortstop didn’t play in the first game.

  • Boston mom says school nurse downplayed son’s stroke symptoms

    After an 11th-grade Black student in Boston, Massachusetts suffered a stroke in class, a supervising health official argued with his […] The post Boston mom says school nurse downplayed son’s stroke symptoms appeared first on TheGrio.

  • ‘Black women are not monolithic,’ says ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ star

    This week on “That’s The Point,” theGrio’s Natasha S. Alford talks with Dr. Wendy Osefo about her passion for social […] The post ‘Black women are not monolithic,’ says ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ star appeared first on TheGrio.

  • Kourtney Kardashian shares pre-wedding look in black corset dress and veil: 'Here comes the...'

    Kourtney Kardashian wore a black Dolce & Gabbana minidress ahead of her wedding.

  • Black Americans fear more deadly attacks after Buffalo, Washington Post-Ipsos poll shows

    A national poll of Black Americans found that a large majority of respondents fear that they or a loved one […] The post Black Americans fear more deadly attacks after Buffalo, Washington Post-Ipsos poll shows appeared first on TheGrio.

  • Wells Fargo Accused of Conducting Fake Interviews To Report an Increase in Diversity Hiring Efforts

    Over the past several years, Wells Fargo has made headlines with scandals ranging from opening up more than 2 million fake accounts, to denying more than half of all refinancing applications from Black homeowners. And if you thought every evil within the institution had been eradicated, just wait until you hear this. According to The New York Times, the bank has been conducting fake job interviews to seemingly increase its diversity hiring pool. But while the candidate would make it through the

  • Buffalo shooting's wounds need a strong salve, residents say

    Shenaya Ann Washington and a close friend cleared a small patch of grass at the base of a utility pole on Riley Street. Washington said she chose that spot to memorialize the victims of last weekend’s massacre at Tops Friendly Market because it is closest to the store entrance she had always used as a part-time worker for Instacart, the grocery delivery service. The shooter, whose racist attack deeply wounded east Buffalo’s Black community, has stolen much more than the neighborhood’s only grocery store and the sense of peace many residents felt in the cherished community gathering spot.

  • Buffalo shooting victim laid to rest; city marks 1 week

    Roberta Drury, a 32-year-old woman who was the youngest of the 10 Black people killed at a Buffalo supermarket, was […] The post Buffalo shooting victim laid to rest; city marks 1 week appeared first on TheGrio.

  • Herschel Walker: the ex-football star running for Senate in Trump’s shadow

    The Georgia candidate represents a relatively rare political being: a Black, Trump-supporting Republican – and his base seems to be entirely white conservatives

  • Anderson says Donaldson made racist remark, MLB investigates

    Chicago White Sox star shortstop Tim Anderson accused Yankees slugger Josh Donaldson of making a racist remark by calling him Jackie Robinson during Saturday's game against New York. “He just made a, you know, disrespectful comment,” said Anderson, who is Black. “I don't think it was called for,” Anderson added after New York’s 7-5 win at Yankee Stadium.

  • Offensive prom invite involving George Floyd photo sparks outrage at California high school

    An Orange County, California, high school is under fire over an offensive prom invitation that involves George Floyd, a Black man who died in 2020 after an

  • Lori Harvey Faces Criticism After Sharing Her 1,200 Daily Calorie Intake

    On this week’s episode of why Black Twitter is losing their minds, folks have been in absolute shambles after Lori Harvey revealed her dietary habits. The 25 year old influencer recently shared on TikTok her very own “weight loss hack,” leaving many with raised eyebrows, strained necks, and in hand over hip formation. Harvey, who has been dating actor Michael B. Jordan for nearly two years, told her followers that she gained 15 pounds of “relationship weight” after the couple got together.

  • LA Senator Cassidy says maternal mortality rate isn’t that bad if you discount Black women

    Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, which reports the nation’s second-worst maternal mortality rate, told Politico that the state’s “outlier” numbers […] The post LA Senator Cassidy says maternal mortality rate isn’t that bad if you discount Black women appeared first on TheGrio.

  • Christian Cooper, The Birdwatcher Falsely Accused Of Threatening A White Woman, Gets His Own Show

    Christian Cooper, the Black birdwatcher who was harassed by a white woman in New York City’s Central Park in 2020, will soon host his own TV show on National Geographic.

  • GOP primary race for Alabama Senate seat turns bitter

    Alabama’s Republican primary for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by retiring U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby has become a bitter high-dollar contest with the three strongest contenders jockeying for the nomination. The leading candidates are U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks who won — and then lost — former President Donald Trump’s backing in the race; Katie Boyd Britt, the former leader of Business Council of Alabama and Shelby’s former chief of staff; and Mike Durant, an aerospace company owner best known as the helicopter pilot whose capture during a U.S. military mission in Somalia was chronicled in the “Black Hawk Down" book and subsequent movie. David Mowery, an Alabama-based political consultant said the race has an up-for-grabs feel.

  • Black Women Discuss Leveraging Your Brand to Build Your Business To Become An Entrepreneur

    Miss Diddy and Milan Rouge discuss how Black women can leverage the Internet to become successful female entrepreneurs with Black Enterprise's Alisa Gumbs

  • 'When is the next one?': After Buffalo massacre, Black L.A. residents consider their safety

    The deadly Buffalo, N.Y., shootings are fueling anxieties among Black communities that their safety will always be compromised.

  • Lee wins Democratic primary in historic bid for Congress

    Summer Lee has won a five-way Democratic primary for a Pittsburgh-based U.S. House seat, making her the favorite in the heavily Democratic district to win the fall general election and become the first Black woman elected to Congress from Pennsylvania. Lee, a second-term state House member, lawyer and former labor organizer, comes from the party's progressive wing. Lee beat out second-place Steve Irwin, who was endorsed by the Allegheny County Democratic Party and backed by prominent Democrats from the county.

  • Mothers and maternal health: the impact of COVID-19 and Black trauma

    In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month and Mother’s Day, mothers on theGrio team discussed managing their mental health during […] The post Mothers and maternal health: the impact of COVID-19 and Black trauma appeared first on TheGrio.

  • Red Bull 'Dance Your Style' Competitors Discuss Black Culture's Impact On Dance

    To understand the importance of Black culture in dance, you have to know its history and preserve the past; you have to incorporate it into modern dance.

  • Handling of Buffalo suspect spurs talk of uneven restraint

    When police confronted the white man suspected of killing 10 Black people at a Buffalo supermarket, he was the very poster boy for armed and dangerous, carrying an AR-15-style rifle and cloaked in body armor and hatred. Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia that day cited their training and called it “a tremendous act of bravery.” “It’s important to emphasize this is not about why aren’t police killing white supremacist terrorists,” said Qasim Rashid, a human rights lawyer and satellite radio host who was among those on social media making posts about the subject.

  • Georgia Sees Record Number of Early Votes from Minorities

    Georgia is seeing early voter turnout at a higher rate than ever before among voters in minority communities, reported National Review. According to data from the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, triple the amount of Black voters have casted their early votes this year in comparison to the primaries in 2018.

  • Attorney General Garland unveils new initiatives to combat hate crimes

    Attorney General Merrick Garland on Friday announced new initiatives aimed at combating hate crimes, days after 10 Black people were killed in the Buffalo mass