Why I Go Sheer in the Summer

Joanna Douglas
Senior Editor

Photo: Courtesy of YSL

I think I crave brights on my lips because of my fair complexion. A wash of color makes me feel alive, and just plain prettier, but the luxurious creamy formulas I favor in January are too heavy for July.  What I really want is a hydrating stain, something to make my lips look the way they do after eating a cherry red popsicle, that also stays on for hours. Too much to ask? I thought so, until I discovered YSL Volupté Sheer Candy lipsticks ($34).

The decadent packaging caught my eye at Sephora last summer. I scooped up Succulent Pomegranate, which delivers a veil of ultra-shiny hot pink. It’s not quite as neon in real life as it is in the tube, so it works for a daytime meeting and a hot date. It was perfect, so I also bought Mouthwatering Berry, a purply red, and Cool Guava, a blue-based pink that looks very Barbie in the tube, but really only enhances your natural lip color. I thought I was done, but then the brand released four new shades: Belle Cannelle, Rose Candy, Fraise Ganache, and my current favorite, Cherise Desir. Now I have a tube in every purse, backpack, gym bag, and desk drawer. Frankly, they’re more addictive than any sugary treat I’ve tasted. 

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