Was Megyn Kelly Hair-Twinning With Claire Underwood on Election Night?

Photo: Neftlix/Access Hollywood Still
Photo: Neftlix/Access Hollywood Still

When not biting nails, downing shots or breaking glasses, people took a moment to notice Megyn Kelly’s blond hair (in search of something a little brighter, probably) last night. The Fox News anchor rocked a new ‘do that looked eerily similar to Claire Underwood’s — yes, the fictional first lady from Netflix’s House of Cards — for her election night coverage.

The presenter, wore her cropped blond hair in soft waves, parted on the side, slightly falling in front of one eye. It was not long before people called out the comparison on Twitter.

But that shouldn’t come as a surprise because her stylist once told the Hollywood Reporter that the “polished” and “sharp” Underwood serves as inspiration for Kelly’s look. “We talk a lot about Claire Underwood from House of Cards,” Kelly’s fashion stylist Dana Perriello told the Hollywood Reporter. “I think Megyn has a sexier edge than that character. She’s like a sexed-up version of her.”

We see the resemblance, but Underwood’s hair is usually slick straight. In fact, we think Kelly’s hair looks more like Hillary Clinton’s. Maybe she was hinting at whom she wanted to win. Whoever she was channeling, she definitely looked the part of powerful woman.

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