This Really Works: Living Proof Perfect Hair Day

Britt Aboutaleb
Managing Editor
July 23, 2014

Photo: Trunk Archive

One of the perks of being a beauty editor is having access to products I’d never otherwise touch. Hair products, for example, were at the bottom of my priority list when I was a fashion editor. I got my haircut once a year, bought shampoo at the drugstore, and didn’t even own hairspray. One of my first beauty interviews was with Mark Townsend, the man behind the Olsens’ hair, and he sent me home with a bottle of mousse that set me on a course toward hair product hoarder. I soon discovered just how much the right formula could change my hair. More volume? Sure! Shine? No problem. Less frizz? Easy. Now I have serums, sprays, oils, masks, pomades, and plenty of hairspray spilling off my shelves. I’m always trying to find the perfect mix. How many parts Oribe Apres Beach ($21) to Bumble and bumble Invisible Oil ($18) to Lavett & Chin Salt Spray ($30) do I need to get second day hair straight out of the shower? It’s a balancing act that might sound high maintenance but is actually kind of fun. Then I tried Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day ($26) and the fun was over. It’s too easy. A dime-size drop in the palm of my hand smooths my naturally wavy hair without weighing it down (it’s pretty fine), gives it just the right amount of texture, enhances its natural volume, and actually keeps my curls in place longer. The product might sound dramatic, but it’s earned its name.