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Your co-worker's crummy day

A stressful day for your office mate may rub off on you, according to research from the journal Social Neuroscience. The study shows that even simply seeing an anxious person ups your stress hormones. "To protect yourself, take steps before and after you interact with a stressed-out person," says Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD, a Chicago-based psychologist. When you have to deal with a stressed coworker, tell yourself, "I choose not to absorb her stress." Afterward take a few deep breaths to calm yourself before going back to work.

Strange Things You Didn’t Know Were Contagious

UntitledSeptember 18, 2015

Sure you want to touch that? You wouldn't think of using your gym's elliptical without first wiping it down, and you've been giving anyone with the slightest of sniffles a wide berth since you could walk. But it turns out some of the most contagious things lurking about don't even involve germs—and all the hand sanitizer in the world won't keep these weird things at bay. Check out these surprisingly “catching” issues and the simple ways to protect yourself.

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