Wear Sunscreen! (Because Rumer Willis — and Male Models — Say So)

Yahoo HealthJuly 25, 2014

If the startling statistic that more than 2 million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer each year hasn’t scared people into wearing sunscreen yet, then maybe Rumer Willis can convince the stragglers to slather some on. In a hilarious public service announcement, the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis spoofs Ariana Grande’s song of the summer, “Problem,” with her own version: “SPF.” The parody, which features Constantine Rousouli & Jake Wilson, and lots of attractive men, was posted on July 24 and already has over 50,000 views.

Despite being partially (OK, fine — completely!) distracted by the countless washboard abs, dancing male models, and the actress’s unnecessary amount of bikini changes, the parody has some serious tips to take away.

No matter what kind of complexion, you need protection. All skin types are susceptible to sun damage, and it’s a common misconception that darker skin types can’t get sunburned.

Don’t be afraid to layer on the sunscreen. While dermatologists recommend a shot-glass-full to cover your entire body, Willis takes that amount to a whole new level.

Sunburn is not a good look.We’ve all been there.

Apparently, a rain coat is a good shield for your skin. (Seriously — burns are still possible even when the sun isn’t out because damaging UV light can pass through clouds.) Wearing a cover-up is a good way to protect too much skin from being exposed.

As is rapped, there are “mad side-effects” to foregoing wearing sunscreen that include sun poisoning, fading, melanoma, and wrinkles. Lather up now to avoid possibly fatal consequences later.

While this video is obviously over-the-top, it spreads really crucial awareness about sun safety — and nothing is hotter than that. Watch it here.