Melted Face Makeup is Taking Over This Halloween

Chantel Morel
Melted Face Makeup is Taking Over This Halloween

By Chantel Morel. Photos courtesy of Desi Perkins/Youtube, Instagram/@daianakir, and Instagram/@dhgcreations.

Week after week unique beauty trends are born on Instagram (you may recall geode lips), which is actually perfect for generating Halloween makeup ideas. Now, melted face makeup is the latest of the bunch, and it's pretty much screaming to be worn on October 31st.

The gloopy, gloppy and totally fascinating technique allows you transform any makeup look into a gory look the makeup artists on Walking Dead would bow down to. The best part about melted face makeup is that there is no one way to recreate it. Makeup artists across the social media platform have been showcasing their techniques in a variety of forms. Beauty vlogger Desi Perkins{: rel=nofollow} shared a video on Instagram creating a strikingly terrifying yet gorgeous skull with half of her face dripping off. To create her version, Perkins drips heated bottles of Mehron Fleshtone 3D Gels{: rel=nofollow} along the outline of her makeup look. For a creepy biohazard bearded horror, melted face beauty blogger Daiana Kir (@daianakir{: rel=nofollow}) combines gelatin and Grimas Water Make-Up{: rel=nofollow}.

Even if you're looking for something a bit less horrifying a run of the mill "my face is melting off" look could be just the ticket. Makeup artist Dani (@dhgcreations{: rel=nofollow}) stirs up gelatin, gylcerol and water to create her melted face makeup, reports. She leaves one side of her face on fleek, then drips the other one with goopy gusto. It used to be that these kind of next-level makeup creations were for the men and women who worked behind the scenes on horror movies. But thanks to the democratizing effects of social media, now we can all look scary AF at home—no stagecraft degree required.


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