Lady Gaga Is a Glamorous Multitasker

Jihan Forbes
Associate Editor
Yahoo Beauty
The face of a glam multitasker. (Photo: Getty Images)
The face of a glam multitasker. (Photo: Getty Images)

Looks like Lady Gaga is already having a pretty productive day. The singer shared a video to Instagram on Monday morning, starting her week off right with a bit of glamorous multitasking. In it, the singer appears to be dyeing her platinum blonde hair with plastic strips while strumming a guitar.

“Practice makes permanent that’s what my teacher always said,” she captioned the image. “Gotta get these fingers tough as nails like my soul.” Certainly beats reading a months-old issue of Us Weekly at the salon, doesn’t it?

Late Sunday night, Gaga also shared some interesting topless photos of herself in a cowboy hat, sitting at a table and rifling through a binder. In the trio of pictures, the songstress explains why she titled her forthcoming album Joanne (it’s her middle name, after her father’s sister) and explains the cowboy hat. “I remember when I started writing this record I scrubbed down real good in the shower and then put on this pastel hat.”

Cool hats, fly hair, and a little guitar — Gaga is already nailing this new week and Monday isn’t even over yet.

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