Jen Atkin and Slip Silk Pillowcases Team Up

Brianna Wiest
Jen Atkin and Slip Silk Pillowcases Team Up

By Brianna Wiest. Photos: Getty Images.

If you constantly strive for shiny hair, we've found your solution: Jen Atkin and Slip silk pillowcases have teamed up to create a custom line of silky hair-helping stuff while you snooze. Because we all know that your body does most of its recharging when your asleep—not to mention your skin, too. And if anyone knows about maintaining your hair-care routine it's Kim Kardashian's hairstylist, the one and only Jen Atkin.

“With a schedule as crazy as mine, I don’t always have time to style my hair. I love that after a night of sleep on my Slip Silk Pillowcase, I wake up WITHOUT bedhead!” Atkin said in a statement. Because it's true, the pillowcases really are that amazing.

Now, a quick history lesson on Slip: In 2003, the now-famous silk pillowcase and eye mask co-founder Fiona Stewart had a firsthand experience with the fabric, with a dermatologist suggesting she swap out her other sheets for silk ones instead. The results were "dramatic," according to Stewart, and she found herself waking up to better hair and smoother skin. And alas, Slip was born.

The current sleep collection features multiple options for each product, including an array of colors such as pink, charcoal, caramel, white, mocha and black. You can choose between a queen size pillowcase, a king size pillowcase, or a skin-soothing eye mask. Though beautiful, the price points are steep ($99 for the pillowcases, $45 for the masks), but do you really need to ask us what the price of beauty is worth? (I mean, take a look below.)

While Jen Atkin and Slip silk pillowcases both haven't said much, Slip did release a statement saying the following: "We were happy to learn that Jen Atkin is a fan of Slip, as she is a beauty guru that we admire. Jen is the type of empowered tastemaker and entrepreneur we aspire to have in our corner. We are excited that the best kept beauty secret is out and that we are partnered with Jen to continue spreading the beauty benefits of Slip!"

No word if the duo will create a new sleep line together just quite yet, but if Atkin has her hand on designing any products, we’re sure they'll be nothing less than amazing.

This story originally appeared on Allure.

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This story originally appeared on Allure.

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