Joyce Carpati: Sensational at 82

Sara Bliss
Senior Writer

Joyce Carpati is one of the many wondrous gems on Advanced Style, Ari Seth Cohen’s blog and documentary celebrating the fabulous over-50 set. Joyce, who splits her time between Paris and New York and still works as a beauty consultant, is glamorous, witty, and, not surprisingly, given her 82 years, full of sage advice.

“I have a lot of wisdom to impart,” exclaims the former marketing director for Cosmopolitan. From looking beautiful as the years move on—“don’t do too much!”—to being happy—“Life is a privilege; embrace it!”—you’re going to want to listen.

Eighty-two and proud: I’m 82 and I don’t believe in lying about my age. I’ve worked hard to be 82 and I’m proud of it! It is a wonderful time of your life if you feel well. You can be who you are. I find I have no inhibitions; I am going to tell you what I think. I have been through a lot. I have some wisdom to impart and if someone wants to know something, here I am.

On aging beautifully: Less is more! You shouldn’t try too hard. It’s a natural process to get older. "C’est normal!" as the French say. What we have to do is look as lovely as we can at every age. You shouldn’t try to look younger, just look as lovely as you can whatever age you are.

Young at heart: I always tell people that to be relevant, you have to know what is happening in the world. Understand how people feel, style, and job situations. It is about being involved and being interested in everything. I love music, theater. I enjoy the opera and I just got back from Paris, where I have an apartment and family. I am very interested in politics and what’s happening in this country. I am almost obsessed with it.

The 100-year-old product: I have gray hair and I wear it in a lovely braided style that people admire. I get stopped on the street all the time. I do my hair myself. I sometimes add a little shade of blue-gray or a little darker silver-gray with a spray rub called Fanci-Full. It’s been on the market for 100 years, and what is so nice is that you can wash it out. I also use a German shampoo that enhances gray that I found living abroad called Schwarzkopf, and it is excellent.

For glowing skin: I use Ivory soap and warm water, I like that clean feeling. I have a night cream I’ve used for 25 years, Dr. Orentreich’s night cream, with Retin-A. I’ve also always used sunscreen. Even when I was younger, I stayed away from the sun.

The merits of drugstore makeup: I love makeup from Boots, an English company. They are the finest cosmetics you can imagine. They have wonderful eye makeup, the lipsticks are sensational, and they make a lovely group of moisturizers and masks. I love Chanel, but Boots you can just buy at Duane Reade and Walgreens!

Keep on moving: I go to the finest Y in New York, the 47th Street Vanderbilt Y. I do water-walking in the pool, marvelous exercises that a therapist gave me. There is also a gym upstairs, and I often bike and watch the news of the day.

Beauty foods: I start the day with a wonderful breakfast of oatmeal. I’m noticing everyone is eating oatmeal, young and old, very good for your arteries. I also eat a lot of fish and vegetables.

The gift of life: Life is a gift. Living long and aging is a privilege and we have to embrace it with every bit of strength in our body because it is a wonderful time.

Photos: Ben Ritter