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Abigail Breslin

The 18-year-old starlet copped to having hypochondria several years ago to New York Post’s Page Six column. "I admit to it totally,” she said. “I thought I had the Bird Flu for a while, because in New York there are pigeons…I was always afraid I was going to step on broken glass for some reason, even though I never have. Anytime something broke in my house, I would put up signs telling me, next to my shoes that there was broken glass... I was paranoid about it."

Hypochondriac Confessions: Celebrities Speak Out

UntitledSeptember 18, 2015

It’s often poked fun at, but hypochondria — or “somatic symptom disorder,” as this crippling preoccupation with disease is

now officially called — is no laughing matter. With it, people become so convinced that they’re suffering from a life-threatening illness (despite any medical evidence) that all aspects of their existence, from work to relationships, suffer severe fallout. Still, legendary high achievers from Charlotte Brontë to Andy Warhol have succeeded

in spite of it — as have modern-day celebs including Lena Dunham and Howie Mandel, both of whom have managed to find humor in their fear. Here’s how they, and other famous folks, have addressed their struggles with the illness...