Harry Potter Make-Up Exists—and It’s as Magical as You’d Expect

Sabrina Carder

(Photo: Shiro Cosmetics/Instagram)

Try to remain calm, Potterheads. Harry Potter make-up is here—and it’s here to stay.

The magical make-up line, which includes all of your beauty bag essentials with a magical Hogwarts themed twist, is the brainchild Shiro Cosmetics, an independent brand from Portland who definitely deserves a Butterbeer on us.

Called ‘Marauders, Mugwumps, and Muggles’ (because what else?), the collection boasts 20 eyeshadows, five lip glosses and two bronzers.

(Photo: Shiro Cosmetics)

(Photo: Shiro Cosmetics/Instagram)

As you would expect, each product has been aptly named. A dark shimmering green eyeshadow called ‘Have a Biscuit, Potter’ is our personal favorite, while the Butterbeer flavored lip gloss is one product we can’t wait to get our hands on.

The line’s not actually brand new: It launched with limited distribution last Halloween, but it was so popular that it’s back this year—and here to stay. The range is now a permanent fixture that fans of the magical franchise can get their hands on all year round.