Forget About the Apples: This Is the Trendy New Way to Apply Blush

Chelsea Peng
Marie Claire

From Marie Claire

Quick show of hands: Have you even *touched* blush in the past few months? Except for a few particularly rough mornings on which nothing but Benetint or the brightest Lilah B. lip-cheek duo could save me from being misidentified as patient zero of a walking-dead disease, I haven't, and I suspect it's been the same for you. (That Glossier Haloscope, man.) But as tans fade and skins dry-and the Spring 2017 collections finish walking-pink powder is on my mind, particularly this out-of-the-ordinary application.

Seen at Chanel and Kenzo, eye rouge-what we shall call pigment swept in a C shape from the top of the cheekbone to temple-reads painterly but strong but animé-esque, all at the same time. It's not fuchsia eyeshadow, in name or in practice. Nor is it this look, exactly, seen at a previous Chanel défilé and discussed ad nauseam in our blush application manual.

Photo credit: Getty
Photo credit: Getty

It's a Statement versus a Wash of Color. It's concentrated versus a top-of-the-cake dusting. It hasn't got much blending, so it's like a knife-swipe of red across the face.

Photo credit: Getty
Photo credit: Getty

Of course, for the real world, you might want to consider using both a lighter hand and a lighter shade-or not. Because this fall, when you're feeling washed-out, what could say "I'm alive" louder than this?

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