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Essie Fishtail Nail Art

(Photos: Essie)

This Fishtail Nail Art Is Way Easier Than Braiding

Dana Oliver
Beauty Director

Now that fall is here, we are reimagining cool ways to use the rich blue, deep plum and steely gray polish colors we tend to gravitate to at this time of year. And what better way to weave together these autumnal nail shades than with fishtail nail art?

Using the Tokyo-inspired nail polishes from the brand’s fall 2016 collection, Essie celebrity manicurist Michelle Saunders visualized textures and color combos to create this intricate design. “The tones that are braided together work really well with anything you wear, especially cozy sweaters. Plus fishtail braids are still popular this fall,” she says.

Creating crisp, clean lines can be tricky. Saunders has two techniques she recommends to help you nail it. One, try angling the Essie polish brush horizontally when painting on the lines. “While overlapping the lines to create the fishtail, just follow the previous lines,” says Saunders. Or, use a striping brush to create the beginning of the straight line, then fill in the rest with the Essie polish brush.

If you’re wondering how to prevent your nail polish colors from streaking or blurring when using multiple shades, the pro strongly suggests letting each layer dry in between polishing. Patience is a must! Saunders says, “For example, don’t complete the design on each nail. Instead, starting with your left pinky, paint each step nail by nail so by the time you come around to the right thumb, the area where you started (left pinky) should be dry enough to begin the next step.”

Yahoo Beauty has the exclusive details on this fabulous fall mani. Scroll through for step-by-step instructions. Then visit Essie.com for more nail art inspiration!

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