Everything We Know About Hillary Clinton's Go-To Beauty People

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Running for president requires endless traveling across the country to meet and greet voters, raising funds for compelling advertisements, and delivering heartfelt speeches. It also takes a positive public persona and a presidential-worthy look. Hillary Clinton has been working nonstop during the past year to convince America (yet again) that she is the woman for the White House. And a team of professionals has been with her 24/7, helping keep Clinton looking her best while out on the campaign trail.

Here is everything that we know about Clinton’s glam squad.

The Hair Team

Izzy Salon
Izzy Salon owner Isabelle Goetz keeps Hillary Clinton’s mane perfectly coiffed while on the road. (Photo: Izzy Salon)

Clinton’s hair has certainly evolved in the past few years. She’s gone from Scrunchies and headbands, which she donned during her husband’s administration, to her current short and layered power cut, strategically spiced up with golden highlights that soften her natural features.

In order to keep her hair looking its best on the trail, Clinton relies on her longtime hairstylist, Isabelle Goetz. The French native owns the Izzy Salon in Washington, D.C.’s Georgetown and has been Clinton’s personal hair guru since 1997. Goetz travels with the Democratic candidate and is on full-time flyaway duty. According to the stylist, a typical day on the Clinton campaign involves waking up at 4:45 a.m. to wash and style her client’s hair or give it an occasional trim when it starts to appear heavy. “I blow out her hair with a round brush and volumizing spray, then I give her a face mask that she holds to protect her from the hairspray. It’s like a windshield with a handle. She’s getting a lot of hairspray during the day, and I don’t want it to go in her face,” she says. Goetz also reveals that she’s constantly weatherproofing Clinton’s ‘do. “I’m always checking the weather — if it’s humid or if it’s windy. If she’s out there speaking, I’m always praying that the wind doesn’t move her hair in her face because it’s distracting. I want to make sure her hair is never an issue.” Goetz uses Kérastase Paris mousse and Oribe products on Clinton’s tresses.

Hairstylist John Barrett
When in New York City, Hillary Clinton puts her locks in the hands of hairstylist John Barrett. (Photo by Gary Gershoff/WireImage)

Clinton recently made media waves when she and her entourage paid several visits to John Barrett at his Fifth Avenue-based John Barrett Salon for pricey treatments. The spa is located on the penthouse level of the designer department store Bergdorf Goodman. The stylist charges $600 for a haircut and an additional $600 for color. Barrett also has managed the locks of such A-listers as Judi Dench and Martha Stewart. When Clinton arrives, Bergdorf provides a private entrance and elevator bank. According to an interview with Goetz, the former first lady’s recent visit to see Barrett was for “color and other beauty treatments.” She also has the occasional blowout with Santa Nikkels, the owner of a top salon in Chappaqua, N.Y., where she and husband Bill reside.

If Clinton becomes the first female president, she will be sworn in with an edge over her male predecessors. “You’re not going to see me turn white in the White House, she said during a 2015 speech at the South Carolina Democratic Women’s Council. “Just pull up the images in your head: All our presidents come into office looking so vigorous. Think about what they look like on Inauguration Day. And then we watch them — they grow grayer and grayer. And by the time they leave, they are as white as the building they live in. I have one big advantage: I’ve been coloring my hair for years,” Clinton joked.

The Makeup Team

Clinton has gone on record in the past saying that she would never have plastic surgery because she’d be “scared to death that something could go wrong.” So instead of going under the knife, she relies on the skills of talented makeup artists to freshen up her look.

Kriss Soterin-Blevens
Makeup artist Kriss Soterin-Blevens is known for giving Hillary Clinton a glamorous makeover for her first run as president. (Photo: Krisscosmetics.com)

To get her face ready for the 2008 presidential race, the candidate turned to Kriss Soterin-Blevens, who is credited with giving Clinton a total beauty transformation. The cosmetologist owns a studio space in Manchester, N.H., and has done makeup since 1992 for a number of presidential candidates running in the state’s primaries. To soften Clinton’s appearance, Soterin-Blevens initially relied on moisturizing her skin, then blended concealer around her eyes, and used blush to highlight her cheeks. “I went with cool colors, where she normally wears more of a red lipstick. I went with plums and custom-blended everything,” said the renowned makeup artist in an interview with Inside Edition. The lipstick that Soterin-Blevens used for Clinton was from her own collection, a Signature Kriss Lipstick in a shade called “Debate.”

For this current race, the politician is rumored to have hired away her former personal makeup artist, Barbara Lacy, from her current job on HBO’s Veep. Clinton worked with Lacy for more than a dozen years, including her stint as secretary of state. In an interview with The Hill, Lacy said the goal of campaign makeup is to make a candidate look like “they’re taking care of themselves. They look healthy; they look natural; they don’t look fake.” She said her job is ultimately to make Clinton to look rested, with “barely noticeable” makeup.

Clinton hasn’t revealed where she gets her nails done. But to keep them looking their best, her team opts for simple manicures that don’t easily show wear and tear. We often see the candidate with steely gray polish or natural-hued nails.

The Image Experts

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton’s political image surely has transformed over the years. (Photo: Yahoo/Getty Images)

Clinton’s famous pantsuits are very well thought out. During the 2016 campaign, the nominee has been working with a team of consultants who have helped upgrade her outfits. She has traded in what some have referred to as her dowdy “matronly” personal style for upscale designer pantsuits and ensembles. Even though memes of Clinton in pantsuits has become a comedic Internet trend, the presidential hopeful has embraced the scrutiny. Her Twitter page even has “pantsuit aficionado” listed in her profile description.

Clinton’s team has worked with her to strike a balance between looking polished but not too overdone and vain. “Pants are comfortable and can help give a sense of confidence and power since the look is inspired by, or derived from, menswear,” said celebrity stylist Jen Rade. Clinton’s campaign outfits have included pieces from designers such as Ralph Lauren. And aside from working with a few top-notch fashion gurus, such as Nina McLemore, Clinton has reportedly looked to Vogue’s Anna Wintour as a fashion consultant throughout her campaign.

Clinton also has tapped Kristina Schake, a former aide to Michelle Obama, to assist her with style, body language, and PR tactics to shape the candidate’s public persona. For instance, Clinton has been taught to “smile with her eyes,” a technique psychologists refer to as a “Duchenne smile (genuine smile).”

Weeks of campaigning can take its toll, but Clinton has been looking refreshed and glowing. This is all the result of the skilled folks in her glam squad who work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring out her very best.

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