Emma Stone's Advice to Her Teenage Self: 'Stop With the Self Tanner'

Vogue Magazine
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Emma Stone not only invited Vogue into her home, she answered 73 questions that revealed a lot about her life. Here are the best things we learned:

  • She didn’t go to prom but if she did she’d totally wear a pants suit
  • Her favorite fashion trend of all time is “tiny boots”
  • The worst trend ever is drop crotch pants
  • Sheet masks are her must-have beauty product
  • The worst beauty trend she’s ever tried is those rhinestone tattoos from the ’90s
  • Her favorite thing to wear is jeans
  • She meditates first thing in the morning
  • Would describe herself in three words as “very f***ing cool”
  • Favorite exercise is jazzercise
  • Enjoys dressing her dog in a yellow raincoat
  • Her advice to teenage her self: “Stop with the self-tanner, it’s enough”