Editor’s Picks: Lipstick

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Photo: Henry Leutwyler 

There are a multitude of strange national holidays, from National Ice Cream Sandwich Day to National Wiggle Your Toes Day (seriously), but there’s one we can really get behind: National Lipstick Day. Our own editor in chief, Bobbi Brown, spoke to Good Morning America this morning to discuss the occasion, and here are our editor’s favorite lipsticks in celebration.

Joanna Douglas, Tom Ford Lip Color in Crimson Noir, $50

“Statement lips have never felt very “me.” As a fan of low commitment sheer lipsticks, most full-coverage formulas make me feel like a kid playing dress-up. But last winter I discovered this pink-meets-maroon shade that makes me feel more confident and makes my teeth look whiter. In fact, my whole face feels brighter. Any product with that much power is worth the hefty price tag.”

Bobbi Brown, Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Brownie, $26

“My favorite color lipstick is Brownie, the first color I ever made. I wish my lips were this color—a nude pinky brown shade. I also just launched a sheer formula in a very similar shade. It’s called Bobbi since it feels like my signature color.”

Sara Bliss, Laura Mercier Lipstick in Audrey, $24

“I discovered Audrey by Laura Mercier after I had a really over-the-top makeover at a department store makeup counter. I asked for ‘pretty makeup for night’ and came out looking like an entirely different person, someone who moonlights as a dancer in Vegas. I asked the Laura Mercier counter for help. This time I asked for makeup that would work for day to evening, and Audrey lip color is just that. The rose shade looks neutral during the day and really pretty at night. If I had to have just one lipstick this would be it.”

Tara Tersigni, La Mer Lip Balm, $55
“La Mer lip balm all day every day! I love the smooth feeling it gives my lips and just the teeniest bit of shine so that I look natural, but not bare.”

Britt Aboutaleb, MAC RiRi Woo, $14.98

“I can’t put my finger on how this differs from the brand’s iconic Ruby Woo, but it’s the perfect shade and texture of matte red. And it looks best with a bare face, which makes getting ready to go out super easy.”    

Laura Cates, Revlon Red Velvet, $7.49

“I can’t wear red so my friend told me to try this purple one time and it looked so much better than any other lipstick I’d ever tried. I was so happy with it I’ve never really tried anything else!”