Beauty GPS: Lou Teasdale’s London

Yahoo BeautyAugust 15, 2014

If anyone knows London’s beauty secrets, it’s Lou Teasdale. The makeup and hair guru began her career grooming pop stars on Britain’s original X Factor, and now tours the world with One Direction (because five famous mop tops require a lot of blow drying). In her spare time (ha), Teasdale is the model and brand ambassador for Fudge Urban hair products and the author of The Craft: DIY Hair and Beauty. (Full disclosure: I illustrated the book. You should get it – it comes with stickers.)

We asked Lou where she unwinds in her hometown of London–when she gets a chance, that is.

Best Salon: Bleach London in Dalston! They pioneered the dip dye hair trend and they do color for loads of London fashion models, editors, and musicians. (Editor’s Note: Lou’s sister, Samantha, is one of the salon’s founders, and yes, she has perfect hair.)

Best Beauty Store: Heathrow Airport. Really. All of the products are together in one space, it’s tax-free, you have time to kill, and the shop girls always show you the new stuff. Today I bought the new M.A.C BB Cream to try, and some Tom Ford perfume.

Photo: Getty Images

Best Manicure: I go to a place called Kimberly Nails in Dalston. It’s proper local and cheap, they do the best nails, and they have the best massage chair for when you’re getting a pedicure. I go there once a week when I’m in London!

Best Spa: There’s a place in Milton Keynes called Dermaspa. They do my brows and facial peels. They have something called a Collagen Wave Facial which makes you look amazing. For massages, I just book one in my hotel room when I’m on tour if I’m feeling extravagant.

Best Cocktail: I don’t drink booze, but I like anywhere with a good Virgin Mary. I used to get Amaretto Sours if I wanted a proper cocktail; they’re nice. 

Best Workout: I travel so much that I always just do YouTube workouts in my hotel room. In London, all my friends go to something called the Skinny Bitch Collective. It’s a really intense 50-minute workout and apparently it’s amazing, but if I’m actually home in London, I’m probably not getting up at 6AM to go to a Skinny Bitch Club!