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Dior Limited Edition All-In-One Couture Palette for Face, Eyes, & Lips

Whatever the makeup routine of those on your gift list entails, Dior's eye, lip, and face palette has all of the shades needed to execute the look.

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Beauty Gifts TSA Will Wish They Could Confiscate


Deciding on gifts that your family and friends will actually use is just one of the factors that can make the holidays a stress-fest. Throw travelling home for the main event into the equation, and things get even trickier since one is a beauty buzz kill quite like the TSA. With all of regulations on what products you can take with you in your carry-on, if you aren't careful your well-thought out gifts won't make it to the gate.

While there is the option of checking your bag, that tacks on more time spent at the airport amongst grumpy holiday travelers like yourself. Because no one wants to see the beauty gifts they've spent countless time and money on end up in the TSA's confiscated product stash, we've rounded up ten gifts that will make it through security with you wherever you're travelling this holiday season.