Ann Coulter Fat Shames Protestors

Beth Greenfield
Senior Writer
Yahoo Beauty

Conservative media darling Ann Coulter has taken a page from Donald Trump’s playbook and added fat shaming to her brand of anti-social-activist rhetoric.

“Without fat girls, there would be no protests,” she tweeted Thursday, along with a photo she apparently thought exemplified her position.

A few minutes later, she added a few more images and continued on her theme by noting, “I guess marching around waving signs is some exercise, but they also need Atkins.”

While the pair of tweets together received more than 10,000 likes, they also prompted angry responses, such as, “My jaw is dropped. HOW ARE YOU THAT EVIL/MEAN/RUDE? May you never have a daughter or even be around children,” and “…because judging women by their appearance is SUCH a ‘Republicans are really more tolerant than Dems’ thing to do.” Others stooped to meet Coulter’s level, criticizing points of her appearance including her protruding Adam’s apple and her “skinny ass skeleton.”

Coulter still wouldn’t let her theme rest after another 10 hours had passed, when she tweeted the following in response to a tweet with an article about anti-Trump protests spreading, which contained video snippet of a woman holding a sign that read, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter”:

That also drew some pushback, with one woman noting, “Wow Ann, ur a misogynist just like our new president!” and another suggesting, “Be a gracious winner. You’re giving up any possible moral high ground you may have had!” Author Nancy Jo Sales noted, “Pathetic Ann Coulter fat-shaming anti-Trump protesters,” while another appalled commenter noted, “You’re sick. Calling them out due to their physical look? Really???”

Still, far more commenters felt emboldened to jump on the hate bandwagon — just as many have reportedly done across the nation ever since the stunning victory of Trump, who was known throughout his campaign for his derogatory statements about women, Muslims, Mexicans, disabled people, and other minority groups, apparently giving regular folks the green light when it comes to chastising and bullying.

This week brought several reported cases of pro-Trump related bullying of students, the first in Minnesota, where “f*ck n*ggers” was the graffiti of choice scrawled on a school door. In Michigan, a group of middle school students chanted “build that wall” while fellow Latino students cried, and in Pennsylvania a group of students parched with Trump signs while calling out, “white power.” Finally, some proud Trump supporters were apparently harassing black students at Hillary’s alma mater Wellesley College. Anti-Defamation League CEO and national director Jonathan Greenblatt confirmed for Yahoo’s Katie Couric on Friday that hate speech has been intensifying across the nation. It’s typically been “people energized by the outcome and then using vandalism or other types of harassment to go after minorities,” he said, noting that black, Mexican, Muslim, gay, and Jewish individuals have been targeted.

It’s all left the disempowered reeling, including LGBTQ people, fearful of Mike Pence’s long-documented stance on “gay conversion” therapy, with calls to LGBTQ and specifically transgender suicide hotlines reportedly doubling since the election. Facebook friends of just this writer alone have reported the following: being given the “Heil, Hitler” sign by someone roving her Colorado neighborhood in a pickup truck (and another seeing the same in Brooklyn); having another friend threaten suicide because she could not “live under Trump.”

Fat shaming (something Coulter has been prone to do for some time now) fits right into this mix — a terrifying one for anyone valuing freedom of identity and expression. As the Anti-Defamation said in its post-election day statement: “Democracy is more than simply what occurs at the ballot box or during a particular election. Democracy encompasses the full collection of our laws, our norms and institutions that enshrine and protect our freedoms. That work begins today to reinvigorate the idealism of e Pluribus Unum and to ensure that America remains a land of economic opportunity and personal freedom for all people regardless of their gender, race, class, faith, ethnicity, sexual orientation or political preference.”

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