Adorable Video of Girl Transforming Her Sister Into a ‘Zebra’ Goes Viral

Hayley Fitzpatrick

Little kids being naughty often make for the cutest viral videos.

Storyful recently uploaded a video a mother caught of her older daughter giving her younger sister a quick makeover with permanent black marker. The video starts with the perplexed-sounding mother asking her daughter, “What is this?” when she sees the toddler’s body covered in wide stripes of Sharpie.

Wearing a guilty expression and marker still in hand, the young girl replies “a zebra.”

Mom reminds the little girl that her sister doesn’t need to be a zebra, and the little girl gives the best answer, saying, “But I love being zebra.” Who can argue with that?

Trying to get permanent marker off of children’s skin can be a breeze with the right products. BuzzFeed’s Nifty reports it’s as simple as covering the permanent marker with a highlighter and rubbing it off (who knew?). Rubbing alcohol is also an effective and painless solution.

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