A Luxury Perfume That Smells Like the Inside of Your Bag

Joanna Douglas
Senior Editor
July 30, 2014

Photo: Courtesy of Dior

Fragrance is totally nostalgic for me. One whiff of Elizabeth Arden’s Sunflowers and I’m immediately transported to my 7th grade dance. Dior’s newest scent, Cuir Cannage ($190), whisked me back to my childhood home in the early ‘80s, where I’d more often than not be sneaking into my mom’s ladylike closet. When I knew she wasn’t around, I would rummage through her well-worn and very cluttered black leather purse to unearth one of her many Revlon lipsticks. I couldn’t wear it, but I could pop it open and smell that wonderful lipstick smell. (And ok fine, I’d put it on sometimes.)

Turns out, that’s exactly where Dior wants to transport me. The brand describes the floral-meets-leather notes of their latest perfume as plunging into the depths of lived-in handbag and unearthing its secrets—which may or may not include lipstick, violets, tobacco, and leather. So while smelling like the inside of an old purse might sound nuts, it’s actually kind of wonderful.