7 Foods That Tell Your Body, “I’m Full!”

Britt Aboutaleb
Managing Editor
June 24, 2014

You know you’re supposed to eat more fruits and veggies than packaged foods, and that it’s better to enjoy many smaller meals than gorge once or twice a day, but the most important part of any healthy diet is listening to your body. And if you feed it correctly, it’ll tell you when it’s full. Below, seven foods that’ll fill you up—in a good way. 

Think of lentils as a teeny tiny miracle food. Each one packs 30% protein, tons of fiber, iron, and vitamin B. Also, they’re cheap and easy to eat with just about everything including fish, salads, in soup, with tomatoes, or on an avocado (see below). 

First of all, did you know an avocado is technically a berry? The fruit’s monounsaturated fat lowers your cholesterol. Also, it has both soluble and insoluble fiber (few foods boast both), as well as vitamins B,K, and E. It’s the kind of thing you want to eat everyday. 

They’re full of fiber, and you already know why that’s a good thing.

Hot Anything
You already know that hot sauce, chilis, or anything else adding spice to your meal can rev up your metabolism, but it turns out hot foods also make you feel fuller, which is great, since they’re also delicious. 

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Dark Chocolate
One study found that anyone who ate dark chocolate before their meal consumed 17% less calories. Could there be a better argument for eating dessert first? (Dark chocolate is way more filling than milk, so don’t even think about swapping one out for the other.)

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but that doesn’t mean just any breakfast. The more protein you eat, the longer you will feel sated. (Oatmeal is another stellar breakfast option.)

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The danger with nuts is that it’s hard to stop after just one serving. But if you can conquer that hurdle, they are the perfect snack. Peanut or almond butter works, too—but just one spoonful!


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