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Photo: Courtesy of Rimmel

Kate Moss has been the face of the British cosmetics company for years and even designed her own lipstick shades.

40 Is Kate Moss’s Most Successful Year

Joanna Douglas
Senior Editor

Kate Moss was discovered at 14, made her first splash in British magazine The Face at 16, and rose to international fame just five years later in Calvin Klein’s iconic ads. But it’s just now, at age 40, that she’s had her best year ever. Consistently on Forbes’ annual list of top-earning models (she ranked number four in 2013), a new report from the Sunday Times calculates Moss’ wealth at over $92 million, more than ever before.

In an industry where you peak at 18 and are considered over the hill at 30, Moss has managed to transcend passing fads with an iconic style that makes her desirable to brands at all price points. On top of modeling, she has two successful businesses (Tilly Church Ltd. and Skate LLP which took in over $8.5 million) and a handful of collaborations—and it’s not like she took a break between CK and now. Here’s a rundown of her latest and greatest work earning the big bucks.