2 Beauty Rules from Olivia Palermo

Joanna Douglas
Senior Editor
August 5, 2014

Photo: Getty Images

Olivia Palermo has two beauty rules: “I never go to sleep without taking off my makeup and I never leave the house without my makeup on.” The model and “it” girl gets it from her mother and grandmother, both of whom taught her the importance of being “elegant and polished” at all times. Palermo might have risen to fame for her spot-on fashion choices, but don’t underestimate her love of beauty.

Who better to teach us how to shop Sephora’s new flagship than the woman whose most minimal look includes BB cream, mascara, and contour? Inside the store, she heads straight for the Dr. Dennis Gross products. “He’s dermatologist, so I always pop in and get his products,” she says. Then it’s on to Fresh, and Phyto. “As a model there tends to be a lot of products in your hair and you need to strip it and use clarifying shampoos, so it is definitely my go-to brand for that.” (Palermo gets her hair cut once a month and adds six highlights every four to six months.) As for makeup, Palermo says, “The key to great application is making sure you have quality brushes. Sephora has a really cute leopard collection, so I would point there first.” Then the fun stuff, “I used makeup early on and I am quite loyal to my products. Bobbi Brown lipstick, for sure, and I have used Guerlain products and Yves Saint Laurent foundation for years.”

Palermo credits British makeup artist Wendy Rowe with getting her to think outside the box when it comes to red carpet looks, as well as constant travel around the world. “I am really luck to work with a lot of designers on their international platforms, so I think that has also helped my own aesthetic in a way,” she says. The only thing she does regret trying is a bold green eye that actually proved quite popular with fans. “I did a series focusing on the green trend on my eyes, and I think it is better for editorial than an everyday look. Let’s say it would not be my first option to suggest.”

As for that glowing skin, you already know the key to keeping it consistently healthy: a good diet and plenty of sleep. “I try to eat organic as much as possible, I drink lots of water, and tea. I am not a coffee person,” Palermo says. “I try to maintain a little color on my skin, but keep out of the sun. And sleep! Lots of sleep is key.” And yes, she does workout—Bikram yoga’s her sweaty activity of choice.