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If your friend is a makeup beginner, chances are she's never heard of strobing (and honestly, that's one makeup trend we'd gladly leave in 2016). But you should definitely introduce highlighting into her regular routine. These iridescent blushes, bronzers, and highlighters will give a subtle glow without leaving the face shiny.

14 Makeup Gifts For Your Friend Who Gets Overwhelmed In The Beauty Aisle


By Jessica Cruel. Photos courtesy of brands.

There are women who love makeup, and there are women who have no desire to contour, highlight, or strobe. We've already rounded up the most coveted beauty gifts{: rel=nofollow} for the former, but what do you get the girl who's just not that into makeup? Well, you could go for something fashion or food related, of course. But why not push her beauty boundaries and introduce her to something new from the cosmetics department that she just might love? We've gathered a collection of kits and palettes that are good for someone who's building up their makeup stash.

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