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Willie Transparent LCD Bus: Public Transport for a New Generation

Jeff Perez
December 19, 2013

Unless you live in a large city — New York, San Francisco, Boston — busses have nearly become ineffective for a large majority of urban travelers. But designer Tad Orlowski hopes to change all that, and make the bus as modern and relevant as ever.

This is what he calls the “Willie.” Like a standard city bus, the Willie doesn’t stray much from the normal bus formula, but rather, enhances the exterior with LCD screens. These screens pave the way for advertising, route maps, weather reports, etc.

Willie Bus Dual
Willie Bus Dual

According to Orlowski, the Willie “represents minimalistic and elegant design that emphasizes the functional aspect of this mode of transport.”

For now the Willie bus is but only a concept. But we can’t help but feel that this is the direction modern busses need to take to stay relevant.

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